Author Topic: Transfer data, apps etc from Sony Xperia to Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)  (Read 533 times)

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I've just bought 'er 'indoors a new Samsung Galaxy A3(2016) to replace her old Sony Xperia M2.
Now I have the problem of getting all the stuff off her old Sony phone on to the new one.
The Sony SmartSwitch app does not work with the Sony model and presumably Sony's equivalent will not work with the Samsung device.
Has anybody done it recently and what did you use?

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I think it may depend on what "stuff" it is, but you could try My Phone Explorer, which will allow you to sync the old phone with a variety of programs (Outlook, Windows Address Book, Thunderbird, etc), so you could possibly transfer some data that way.  With regards photos, you could simply download them off the old phone onto your computer, then upload them to the new phone.  There may be easier ways of doing it, especially if you use The Clouds, but I don't, so that's how I would do it.
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A Google account with backup activated will backup and restore most items. SMS slightly more awkward I use SMS Backup. Although I use a Nexus phone the Google backup does make life simple , even after a factory reset , it's soon back to the state prior to the reset.
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