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New Firmware for Fritz!Box 7390

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--- Quote from: FritzBox on Mar 05, 2012, 09:47:44 ---My online meter's not working as it should either

--- End quote ---

I've always found the FB meter runs about 10% ahead of IDNet's recorded usage, which at least is the helpful way round. The apparent latest beta firmware improvement in the the usage recording through a LAN1 connection hasn't made any noticeable difference for me.

A 'minor' firmware update v. 84.05.20 has been released for the Fritz!Box 7390:

EDIT:  I have just checked and the update is not yet downloadable from the Firmware Update in the FB - nor can it be downloaded from Fritz AVM. Our cousins 'down under' seem to have access via a FTP link.

EDIT 2:  Downloaded from

New with version 84.05.20:

DSL: New DSL-version with improvements for ADSL2+ and VDSL lines
DSL: improved VDSL-interoperability and performance
DSL: optimised display of DSL data-rate on annex J lines
DSL: improved interop for Globespan cabinet mode lines
DSL: improved interop for various lines by deactivating PTM

Internet: New- use MyFRITZ! to safely access your FRITZ!Box from abroad
Internet: New- use WLAN instead of DSL or LAN to connect to the Internet
Internet: New- optional possibility to manually configure DNS server
Internet: New- UMTS-fall-back in case of a problem with the Internet connection over DSL
Internet: New- display of line speed for Internet access via LAN added in the online-monitor
Internet: New- configurability of Exposed host and ping6 in the IPv6 settings
Internet: New- configurability of other IPv6-routers in your home-network
Internet: New- IPv6-support for UPnP, UPnP-AV and TR-064
Internet: New- DynDNS-support for IPv6 with and
Internet: New- possibility to deactivate NetBIOS-filter
Internet: redesign of internet-account information pages
Internet: completed support for DNSSEC
Internet: improved error handling with DynDNS refresh
Internet: Internet-page loading accelerated with active child-protection

WLAN: New- integrated possibility to send feedback per WLAN-device
WLAN: New- active MAC-filter now automatically deactivated during WPS pairing
WLAN: New WLAN module
WLAN: WLAN-start and changes in the configuration accelerated
WLAN: improved interoperability with Logitech Squeezebox Radio
WLAN: Mouse over display of WLAN device name and IP-address in the system log
WLAN: reduced WLAN events with WPS for Windows7 and Windows Vista clients
WLAN: display of WDS-devices improved
WLAN: display of link-speed added for connections to Apple MacBook
WLAN: added configurability for WLAN connects and disconnects messages in the syslog
WLAN: added "new WLAN device first connect" message in the syslog
WLAN: additional syslog entry in case the 5Ghz channel is used by systems with priority (radar)
WLAN: to improve Windows-compatibility space at the beginning or end of a WLAN key are filtered

Telephony: New- Prioritise phone calls in your WLAN with FRITZ!App Fon
Telephony: Menu option "Own Telephone Numbers" combines internet- and fixed-line numbers with a status overview
Telephony: display-name now also configurable for remotely managed Voip-accounts
Telephony: transmit the number of messages on the answering machine to IP-telephones (MWI)
Telephony: display-name of the own number now possible to transmit to IP-telephones
Telephony: simplified email-setup for fax-reception
Telephony: improved the behaviour for the sip-registration with alternative providers
Telephony: added IMS-support for "implicit registration"
Telephony: fixed a possible problem when taking over a call from the answering machine
Telephony: improved import of telephone book
Telephony: improved signalling on analogue extensions in some scenarios
Telephony: improved caller line detection for some analogue lines
Telephony: improved Internet telephony setup
Telephony: stability improvements

DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- configurable background image with date/time
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- new start screen for FRITZ!Fon MT-F
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- display incoming calls with bigger font
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- new midi-ringtones
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: fixed sporadic loss of connection to DECT-base
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: improved interop with other DECT phones
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: corrected text display in podcasts
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: accelerated menu speed for podcasts and internet-radio
DECT/FRITZ!Fon: improved error handling in case of missing pictures

Homenetwork: New- Change your FRITZ!Box name: for WLAN SSID, SMB, DECT and more
Homenetwork: New- Internet access for guests connected to LAN4
Homenetwork: New- improved display of guest-devices in the network-overview
Homenetwork: New- network devices with an http interface can now be clicked in the networking-overview
Homenetwork: New- automatic wake on LAN for devices reachable from the internet (including IPv6)
Homenetwork: New- display of FRITZ!Powerline-devices in the network-overview
Homenetwork: New- details of network devices now shows extended information including IPv6 addresses

System: New - smartphone optimised web-pages for and
System: New - name of FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!OS displayed on main-page
System: New - setup simplified (new passwords will now be initially shown in plain text at configuration)
System: New - simplified change between normal and expert view
System: New - push mail now contains more detailed DSL information
System: New - push-mail now displays current IP-address and missed phone calls
System: New - possibility to activated automated sending feedback in case of a crash
System: New - automatically synchronise WLAN night-settings between multiple FRITZ! products
System: improved stability
System: added POP3 SLL support for
System: DNS-server of FRITZ!Box enhanced (DNS over TCP)
System: corrected loss of APIPA-address
System: DOS-robustness of https-access towards the thc-ssl-dos-tool improved
System: fixed problems of displaying username and SMTP server in the push mail service
System: fixed possible problem with using IP-cameras with real time streaming-protocol

USB: multifunction printers now only need the activation of "printer" device type with USB remote connection
USB: Interop with EnOcean USB device improved
USB: improved write performance for USB memory
USB: improved stability when disconnecting USB memory

Memory/NAS: New- name of workgroup changeable
Memory/NAS: accelerated scanning of memory for internet-sharing
Memory/NAS: accelerated FTP connection for LAN-access to USB memory
Memory/NAS: improved handling of USB memory disconnects while scanning media-files
Memory/NAS: improved picture handling and search with Internet explorer 9

Mediaserver: New- playlist support added
Mediaserver: improved interop (Sony TV, Kathrein-receiver, Xbox360 ...)
Mediaserver: performance-improvements
Mediaserver: improved handling of Umlauts in MP3-Album covers and jpg files

UMTS: added support for some UMTS devices with CSV function
UMTS: added support for new UMTS devices (ZTE K4505-Z, Sierra USB 309, 4G Systems XS Stick P14)

Important details regarding this update:

[1] Automatic priorisation of Voice data using FRITZ!App phone requires at least version 1.6.0 for iOS and 1.56 for Android.

[2] Automatic synchronisation of the WLAN-night-settings will require an upcoming update of the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater software.

[3] With the current IPv6-implementation AVM already follows the current IETF-suggestion, to not establish a 6to4-tunnel automatically, as long as the Internet provider does not support IPv6 natively.
Please explicitly configure 6to4 as connection type if you wish to use 6to4 for your IPv6 connection.

[4] The energy consumption values have been recalibrated in this release. Due to this they will differ from the displayed valued of the former release version.

[5] To be able to use all new DECT features, please make sure to also update the firmware of your FRITZ!Fon to the latest available version.

Just getting now from your linky Ardua, thanks

Anyone using this latest version 84-05-20 on an existing VDSL2 (FTTC) connection and who is seeing some benefit, please let us know; before I bother!  :whistle:

Had at least four instances of it clearing connection since I put it on, if I get many more I'll be going back to beta


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