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According to today's KentOnline nobody can go as low in Kent as me. Our little area's broadband speed is listed as the lowest in Kent @ 36.6 mbps. I actually get slightly above that but it's got me wondering if I should save quite a bit of money by ditching the phone and switching to SoGEA 40/10.
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Mar 26, 2021, 16:21:16 »
IDNet Help / Now what's Tbird up to?
« Last post by peasblossom on Mar 26, 2021, 11:23:32 »
Anyone else had this? I'm signed up to get a newsletter and today's email got stuck in the Deleted folder. Easy you might say. Move it from there to your Inbox. Expect it wouldn't budge. All it did was ping back to the Deleted folder. Ignored my labelling it as Not Junk.
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by Clive on Mar 26, 2021, 09:56:18 »
Yes, I do exactly the same Zap.  Shoot first, ask questions later.   :evil:
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Mar 25, 2021, 23:49:44 »
It seems to me a lot of scammers are taking advantage of the change in people's habits. With so much being done online there's a bigger pool of fish to phish (sorry about that :)x ). I keep getting SMS messages regarding problems with Royal Mail and other deliveries, the sites they connect to are very convincing.

I wear a tinfoil hat when it comes to scams but even I have to remind myself daily, if it comes down the wires or even through the door it's a scam and even if it isn't, so what.
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by peasblossom on Mar 25, 2021, 22:19:24 »
The only spam I get I have set filters for. Facebook, FedEx, Ulta, Hulu that kind of thing. I too may be tempting fate now!
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by Clive on Mar 25, 2021, 20:29:41 »
My most persistent spam claims to be from BT telling me I am about to be cut off or I need to view my bill.   ::)
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by Simon on Mar 25, 2021, 19:59:54 »
I don't want to tempt fate but I've not been overrun with spam recently.  Just the usual for Viagra and the like.  The most persistent one seems to be from Instagram saying my account name has been changed, which is funny, as I don't have an Instagram account.   ::)
IDNet Help / Re: Spam
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Mar 25, 2021, 17:07:33 »
EasyCanvasPrints and Renewal by Andersen, LLC are currently the worst culprits for me. Google suggests they are both notorious for spam. is worth checking.
IDNet Help / Re: Email forwarding not working
« Last post by Clive on Mar 25, 2021, 16:58:00 »
Whenever I experience a problem my first course of action is to reboot.  It cures 90% of ailments.   8-)
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