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Right click an empty space on the Desktop and choose Display Settings.
I altered my display yesterday and cannot remember what I have done. I badly need to undo it, how? I know this is vague but I am becoming more so as time passes. Some things are much the same but other unreadable especially the samlaa windows at the top of the screen. Any ideas please?
Some email clients use the username i.e. your email address is the password. I would remove the accounts and start again in case they have become corrupt. Also check with your email provider for the correct settings.
I restored my PC using Acronis. For some unexplained reason it had a catastrophic failure, after a lot of problems I have ( I think) recovered everything, except my emails via Mozilla Thunderbird fail to send ( I receive emails OK) with this error message: Login to server with username xxxxxx@ failed asking for a password, sadly it will not allow me to set a password. Any and all help appreciated.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Windows Edge (Chrome)
« Last post by Den on Jan 17, 2020, 12:37:47 »
It's very easy to use and set up, very fast indeed. It's now able to access lots of extensions and I just can't find anything to dislike with it.

I have now uninstalled Chrome on my computer and will have a play with Firefox even though I hated it last time.  :D
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Windows Edge (Chrome)
« Last post by Simon on Jan 17, 2020, 12:31:49 »
Downloaded the new full version last night and it's superb.  ;D

Other than personal preference, in your experience, what makes it so much better than other browsers, Den?
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Windows Edge (Chrome)
« Last post by nowster on Jan 17, 2020, 10:51:59 »
uBlock Origin, uMatrix, Privacy Badger and Decentraleyes here.

Paranoid? I can't tell you... they're watching me.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Windows Edge (Chrome)
« Last post by Gary on Jan 17, 2020, 10:40:54 »
Im happy with Firefox Quantum and uBlock Origin and privacy badger on my Mac, just put the same on a friends windows PC. Pretty much stops every nasty snooping tracker and cookie out there. Firefox is still set to strict for Cryptominers and fingerprinting, trackers etc though. uBlock Origin blocked a page on Amazon yesterday to a link with nasty adware implications and its a legitimate Amazon link to an ad server than can be used in nefarious ways.

 Even on a Windows 10 PC I cant see the point in using the Chrome built Edge as it cant block the new style so-called unblockable trackers which relies on DNS queries that get past browser defences, which can be potentially used by advertising and analytics networks to fingerprint people as they browse through the web, and silently build up profiles of their interests and keep count of pages they visit, very naughty and nasty.

 Only ublock origin on Firefox browsers stops these, as Firefox supports an API to resolve the hostname of a DNS record which uBlock Origin can utilise to stop them. Chrome and Chrome built browsers don't have an equivalent DNS resolution API. Without that these trackers get though no matter what. The nets not a nice place these days, not sure it ever was but its more like an arms race now trying to keep your head down now. Privacy Badger is also well worth using, its from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and automatically learns to block invisible trackers, but even that wont help these unblockable trackers, but its well worth using though.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Windows Edge (Chrome)
« Last post by Den on Jan 17, 2020, 08:52:38 »
Downloaded the new full version last night and it's superb.  ;D
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Windows 7 upgrade to 8.1?
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Jan 17, 2020, 00:22:53 »
By coincidence I believe Microsoft released the first stable version of it's Chromium based Edge today.
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