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FTTC/FTTP / Re: FTTC (VDSL2) and G Vector
« Last post by Simon on Oct 12, 2019, 21:57:37 »
Sorry, Merv, I've no idea on this, but hopefully someone else will. 
FTTC/FTTP / Re: FTTC (VDSL2) and G Vector
« Last post by mervl on Oct 12, 2019, 09:55:48 »
A further thought. To my (very simple) mind isn't the point of vectoring to eliminate virtually all noise on the line (by counter noise). If so, is there no remaining reason (apart from interference in the premises - only me here + dog, who doesn't generate the right, or wrong, sort of noise) for  the throughput to be less than the attainable - as long as  IDNet's backhaul is up to the job!

Why we've suddenly got vectoring - not a BDUK cab, I have no idea. I thought OR had other priorities and things to spend our money on these days! Perhaps desperation to  deal with the ever increasing drops in throughputs, which were threatening our superfast status, and their local performance stats?
Networking & Routers / Re: Upgrading to Fibre due to start 3/10/19
« Last post by Simon on Oct 11, 2019, 23:29:07 »
Thanks for the update, Lona.  I'm glad it's sorted out now.
Networking & Routers / Re: Upgrading to Fibre due to start 3/10/19
« Last post by Lona on Oct 11, 2019, 16:51:33 »
Further update

Ryan Elgar who phoned on Monday said he would arrange a BT engineer to visit my home.  I waited until yesterday and phoned Idnet only to be told he hadn't bothered his *rse.  Support got right on it and engineer called today and fitted a faceplate to my telephone socket.  I just knew that was the problem but as the engineer said isp's never think to ask the customer and the number of times they have to be[/img] called in after the fibre connection fails is a regular occurrance.
FTTC/FTTP / FTTC (VDSL2) and G Vector
« Last post by mervl on Oct 11, 2019, 16:49:49 »
Old hat I know but we're always behind . . .

G Vector (Correction) has just  been enabled at the DSLAM and I have a modem (Fritz) able to take full advantage running on FTC/VDSL2, apparently. (Nothing faster available).

Since installation many moons ago I've been blessed, and stuck, with dropping throughputs, I suspect due to the ever growing local impact of crosstalk on the congested estate, reinforced by the fact they've now fully recovered to where I'm hitting the profile limit I'm paying for. I considered moving to the next 55/10 tier, which the modem now reports as attainable, for a couple of quid more but IDNet are insistent I'd hit the 43 limit they say my line is capable of rather than the 57 attainable now reported by the modem. So far my experience is that throughputs have tracked the modems reported attainable closely, but of course at a much lower (and ever declining) level.

Anyone experience of this with G Vector? I'm thinking that as the error correction is negotiated locally, I'm not sure what IDNet rely on,  presumably an OR formula? It is really just for devilment, rather than necessity I have to admit, to get my line doing the best it can, though I hope it'll now have less dropouts and major errors too, with or without a profile change.

Just out of interest the upload throughputs seem to have halved with G Vector, though I hope this is temporary whilst the DSLAM settles down again. Or they've not adjusted it right yet - the upload SNR is reported as 6, and the download 16, and the upload attenuation has also doubled. I'm  reported by the modem as 750m from the Cab, which seems about right walking it, so I suspect not doing too badly if the modem is right, with our decrepid suburban infrastructure.

I know the standard reply is that FTTP (and Boris) will sort out everything, but we've no demand for it (like most people, I suspect; except those who frequent the forums!)
Networking & Routers / Re: Upgrading to Fibre due to start 3/10/19
« Last post by Simon on Oct 08, 2019, 21:25:37 »
Unfortunately, you would have got the out-of-hours team over the weekend, and I believe they can only offer limited technical support, but that's no excuse for promising and then failing to return phone calls.  I can only suggest that you try to phone during the week, if you have future issues, Lona, so that you get the actual IDNet support staff.

I hope things get sorted for you soon.
Networking & Routers / Re: Upgrading to Fibre due to start 3/10/19
« Last post by Lona on Oct 08, 2019, 18:27:33 »

I had no connection Friday and Saturday. Phoned Idnet on Saturday morning and FIRST support worker said he would have to consult a colleague and he would phone me back.  I waited until 3pm in the afternoon and no phonecall so phoned them back. SECOND support worker checked to see if I was upgraded to fibre and said I wasn't so said to connect via adsl with new reuter. Still no connection after he talked me through the settings and and decided it could be a faulty reuter and they might need to send me out another reuter, he also said he would phone me back within half an hour.  No phonecall came so I phoned a third time. THIRD support worker said I wasn't on fibre as yet but he was going to look into the problem and phone me back. Again no phonecall so I phoned again and the Fourth support worker was a female and said I was definitely on fibre. She talked me through the installation and still no connection. She also said she was going to talk to Openreach and get back to me.  She didn't call back.  By this time it was into Sunday and I phoned again. Fifth support worker said there was a fault on my line and nothing would happen until Monday when Idnet would contact Openreach to resolve the problem. He couldn't say if was their fault or Idnet's fault.  He apologised but said nothing would happen until Monday.

I sat all evening thinking about it and decided to have another go myself at setting up the reuter.  I took the reuter back to the factory settings, set it up via the book that came with the reuter and got a connection first time.

That takes us up to Monday when somebody from Idnet actually took the bother to phone me.  His name was Ryan Elgar and before I could tell him I had a connection he went on to say there was a fault on the line and he was arranging for an Openreach engineer to visit my home.  I assured him I had a connection although speeds weren't great. He said that's because there is a fault on my line.   I said to him that I had enquired before upgrading that no engineer would have to visit my home and muck about with wiring and I was assured that they don't need to do that now and it could all be done with the boxes outside. This is now Tuesday evening, no engineer has called at my house.

I have praised Idnet endless times to my friends and been with them for years but the service I received at the week-end was atrocious. Had all those support workers taken the bother to phone me back at least to say they couldn't help is very poor customer service.  It's sad that a 76 year old woman could do what they found too difficult. :o
IDNet Help / Re: Routing problems?
« Last post by Simon on Oct 07, 2019, 23:57:26 »
Just don't tell them your name, Pike!
IDNet Help / Re: Routing problems?
« Last post by nowster on Oct 07, 2019, 23:17:59 »
In the immortal words of Captain Mainwaring "Stupid Boy" :laugh:
He can't call me that, can he, Uncle Arthur?
IDNet Help / Re: Routing problems?
« Last post by Adrian on Oct 07, 2019, 18:10:57 »
In the immortal words of Captain Mainwaring "Stupid Boy" :laugh:
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