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IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by talos on Apr 07, 2021, 14:34:10 »

Sounds just the job , thanks Simon
                                                          If you have time take, a look at my proposed choice, I would value your opinion
IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by Simon on Apr 07, 2021, 14:14:06 »
It's a digital audio connection, Bob, that enables multi-channel audio (surround sound) with compatible equipment.  From a TV, you would only get multi-channel audio from sources that provide it, such as Netflix and some Sky channels.  Most terrestrial TV audio is standard stereo, as far as I am aware, but the optical connection would provide digital audio, rather than analogue which you would get from your phono connections.
IDNet Help / optical
« Last post by talos on Apr 07, 2021, 13:29:41 »
Looking to buy a new sound amp for my TV . The TV has an optical skt and the amp also, my question is what is an optical connection, what goes thru it , would  it work as a sound out on the TV and a sound in on the amp.
 Sorry if this is a bit basic , but I'm still using Phono plugs and skts .

For casual use, Three reselling itself as "Smarty" often has some interesting deals, eg. 50GB for £12/month. Their standard unlimited scheme is £20/month, but they often have deals on that. SIM only, one month rolling contract.

They've recently added VoLTE and WiFi calling (they're essentially the same technology). As usual with mobile networks, latency can be a problem, and everyone is behind CGNAT.
According to today's KentOnline nobody can go as low in Kent as me. Our little area's broadband speed is listed as the lowest in Kent @ 36.6 mbps. I actually get slightly above that but it's got me wondering if I should save quite a bit of money by ditching the phone and switching to SoGEA 40/10.
Been using 3 (though going to a reseller this week) for 12 months now. Apart from the horrendous 5g network upgrade week/month, it's been flawless. Mileage may change as others call blue murder on reception, throttling and, in my experience though to be fair DNS problems.

Gonna be paying £16 a month for around 10mb up and 24-39mb down. More than enough for me. Only problem is gaming sees a lot of jitter, as the signal/packets start and stop for the mobile network throughput (fine for streaming and webpages, but latency/ping dependant games don't like pings changing multiple times between packets :P ).

Hoping to go off grid living in 6 months time or so, so have made plans to setup my networking and pc for running off a battery. XD
I'm familiar with a couple of connections running at similar speeds. I wonder what OpenReach will do for them when they switch off PSTN and ISDN.
32Mbps? Luxury! My parents can only get 3-4Mbps, and no possibility of FTTC never mind FTTP, unless they want to spend something like £20,000 for a bespoke build.
It simplifies things for me because the only people that contact us on the land line are scammers and the mother-in-law :evil:
I have no clue on this new fangled phone that isn't a phone stuff.  I really need to look into it before it catches up and bites me.
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