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Suddenly, for no reason that I can ascertain, Mozilla is failing. when I read messages it gets stuck for ages (maybe forever) Wthe the message "Connected to  Any ideas please?
IDNet Help / Re: Idnet mail
« Last post by john7 on Today at 07:55:00 »
No mail since befor 6am and still down. Nothing on account re problem, pop3 apears to be working but it might be msg's befor the problem downloadig.
I've never seen the need to spend money "upgrading" something that works perfectly well, just for the sake of having the latest "thing".

This isn't a case of "for the sake of it", though. It makes no sense to maintain both an anaolgue phone network and digital services when the latter is perfectly capable of providing exactly the same service as the former, with lower overall maintainence costs.

By this logic we would still have analog cellular and TV networks and paying extra to maintain them alongside more modern digital networks.
IDNet Help / Re: Idnet mail
« Last post by Ray on Yesterday at 15:18:57 »
I think they may have had a general problem between 05:30 and 07:30 this morning I had a total loss of internet between those times, came back again just after 07:30.  :o
I've never seen the need to spend money "upgrading" something that works perfectly well, just for the sake of having the latest "thing".  My PC is 13 years old, and although I've just had a hard drive failure, it's otherwise still going strong, and boots up and runs about twice as fast as my laptop which is less than half the age of the PC and runs at a crawl most of the time. 

To go back to landlines, I can hear people on the phone perfectly well.  When you listen to people calling in on radio stations, they all seem to use anything but a conventional landlines and the call quality is atrocious, with constant drop outs, and people sounding like they are either taking through a cushion, or under water.  New technology is not always better than old.
IDNet Help / Re: Idnet mail
« Last post by talos on Yesterday at 13:46:03 »
Mine was down around 4.00 am back up by 5, must have been an Idnet gremlin ;D
Whatever happens, no doubt it will cost us extra money just to retain a service we've always had, and most of us see no need to change.
I don't use a landline, I have one for my careline which the new versions of work with cellular or IP. I have unlimited texts, calls and data too on my iPhone. I moved on from landlines along time ago really. I don't know that many people who still use them myself.

 Things change, Fibre is the way forward with AX routers, 5G and then all that will change again. Keeping up with the changes is better than getting bogged down in the old way of doing things we are told as we are told to open our wallets for new gear it seems. Having 5G where I am means I can have great data transfer rates and it makes my Broadband look slow. I have three UPS's (APC) in case of power cuts, this has all been ongoing slowly for a few years now as I make changes. Best to keep before they grab you the short and curlies and give you a nasty surprise like this, although I wish sometime it would just all slow down, as I'm not sure the changes really make things any better when looking at the the big picture. (apart from faster broadband as more devices slurp it up) and as fibre goes in copper comes out I guess.

 Although I don't see any fibre around this way yet just more crosstalk and slower BB speeds on my ECI cab. So yes its all smelling of roses of course and soon my FTTC will be as fast as my old ADSL  ::)
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Hard Drive Disappeared
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Yesterday at 12:33:50 »
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Hard Drive Disappeared
« Last post by Simon on Yesterday at 12:22:06 »
From what I've read, when recovering a whole imaged disc with Acronis, you get the option to create / expand partitions during the process. 

But not having done it before, and knowing that a full restore is likely to take about 15 hours (over 350Gb), I don't want to cock it up and have to start again, so I might just create the partitions in Windows when I install the new drive, then restore each one separately, if that would work.  New drive is due to arrive on Wednesday.
IDNet Help / Re: Idnet mail
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Yesterday at 12:18:11 »
It was down very early this morning at around 4.00am. It's back up for me now at midday.
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