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Networking & Routers / Re: Stats ok billion 8800NL R2 latest firmware
« Last post by steve195527 on Mar 13, 2018, 17:22:06 »
if you're using the d10 firmware,I had an issue with that and went back to the d5 firmware(was provided by billion tech support but never released)which seems to perform better, using the d10 firmware I lost around 8mb on a 70 mb connection,if you'd like to try the d5 pm me and I will send a copy to you
Sky use Openreach for phone service, just like BT. It's only when you switch to a different technology (eg. cable, VoIP) that things should become complicated.
I've posted in the general chat thread, as I'm not with IDNet for the time being. But I've just transferred from Sky to another company. I was under the impression phone numbers were ported over normally.

Have I missed that Sky are an exception? I've been taken off my old number and given a new one Whoops!

"If you are staying in the same house, then no. Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, is crystal clear on the subject, stating outright that if in the same residence, your old provider must allow the number to be transferred to your new service."

Panic over. While calling their customer service, I thought I'd double check and call myself (the magic of mobile phones! ). This morning it's swapped back over. Wonder if I was put on a different line temporarily while someone went off for a cup of tea/some wire cutters. :slap:
Networking & Routers / Re: Stats ok billion 8800NL R2 latest firmware
« Last post by jaydub on Mar 12, 2018, 18:34:42 »
DLM has implemented interleaving on your line as a result of the error count.

You have a downstream error count of 1149, however we can't tell how good or bad that is without knowing how long your router has ben up and whether that is a steady error count of whether the errors are happening at certain times, which might help you analyse what is causing them.
Networking & Routers / Re: Stats ok billion 8800NL R2 latest firmware
« Last post by Lance on Mar 11, 2018, 18:26:45 »
SNR Margin (dB)   3.6   7.0
Attenuation (dB)   46.0   27.0
Output Power (dBm)   19.8   12.5
Attainable Rate (Kbps)   6752   980
Rate (Kbps)   6208   800

These are the key bits.... What they show is that you have a downstream SNR margin probably set at 3db which is the lowest possible and gives the best performance. Forcing a resync when the SNR Margin is at its highest *might* result in a slightly higher rate but might also bring a little more instability.

Generally the numbers look fine so just enjoy :)
Networking & Routers / Re: Stats ok billion 8800NL R2 latest firmware
« Last post by Simon on Mar 10, 2018, 12:56:08 »

I'm not really one for the technical stuff, but I'm sure somebody will be along with some comments soon. 
Networking & Routers / Stats ok billion 8800NL R2 latest firmware
« Last post by stevie1978 on Mar 10, 2018, 11:52:00 »
I live in GL19 4EJ
Are these stats ok?  Is the error rate acceptable the snr is set to 4091.

Mode   ADSL_G.dmt
Traffic Type   ATM
Status   Up
Link Power State   L0
Downstream   Upstream
Line Coding (Trellis)   On   On
SNR Margin (dB)   3.6   7.0
Attenuation (dB)   46.0   27.0
Output Power (dBm)   19.8   12.5
Attainable Rate (Kbps)   6752   980
Rate (Kbps)   6208   800
K (number of bytes in DMT frame)   195   26
R (number of check bytes in RS code word)   16   16
S (RS code word size in DMT frame)   1.00   1.00
D (interleaver depth)   32   4
Delay (msec)   8.00   8.00
INP (DMT symbol)   1.21   0.10
Super Frames   15153854   15153854
Super Frame Errors   1812   245
RS Words   1030462038   128808592
RS Correctable Errors   145322722   449
RS Uncorrectable Errors   6822   0
HEC Errors   6000   202
OCD Errors   1   0
LCD Errors   1   0
Total Cells   3771867744   0
Data Cells   1160367844   0
Bit Errors   305161   0
Total ES   1149   0
Total SES   0   0
Total UAS   14   14
The idea is that you no longer need to worry about things you haven’t saved, simply being able to see what you were working on, in which apps and at what time.

For me the update should be named 'Windows 10 - Desperation', providing answers to problems I've never had once in my entire lifetime.
Windows News & Discussion / Aarrgh! Spring Updates threatened for Windows 10
« Last post by Simon on Mar 09, 2018, 17:41:10 »
The next version of Windows 10 looks set to shake things up in the way people switch between devices, and now, reportedly, has a name: Spring Creators Update.  With Windows 10 being the “final” version of Windows, updates like this are essentially the new versions, with the recent Creators Update, and then the Fall (autumn) Creators Update each bringing big new features and revisions. So what does the next version of Windows 10 have in store?
FTTC/FTTP / Re: Poor throughput to NL
« Last post by nowster on Mar 06, 2018, 09:21:38 »
And just now I'm saturating my link with that test.
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