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But it wouldn't half cause a problem once everyone has been switched over to VoIP.
I don't understand why they can't mitigate against such a basic attack.
An "unprecedented" and co-ordinated cyber-attack has struck multiple UK-based providers of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services, according to an industry body. Industry body Comms Council UK said several of its members had been targeted by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in recent weeks. "An overall threat has been made to the entire industry," a spokesman added. Ofcom said it was aware of the situation. DDoS attacks work by flooding a website or online service with internet traffic in an attempt to throw it offline, or otherwise make it inaccessible.
I'm sure I can disable the PIR.  On the other hand Mrs Clive and myself can dance around the room during the power cuts.   8-)
You should have bought the ones without a PIR then you would not to keep waving your hand.  :facepalm:
I've bought several USB charged LED lights that can be used anywhere in the house.  Very handy for getting up in the night too although I have to keep waving my hand to keep it lit.   :laugh:
This whole discussion has already been had earlier in this thread way back in November 2020, starting with Reply #13.

OfCOM have ruled that the average power cut in the UK lasts 45 minutes so that ISPs must provide vulnerable customers with a means of keeping in contact for at least one hour.  No comfort for the small number of people out of the population as a whole who have no mobile signal and live in rural areas where there are several power cuts a year lasting a number of hours.
Indeed this is what I have said to the one we know. They shouldn’t be responsible for replacing the existing emergency phone connection BT is withdrawing. It was bad enough with early BT fibre domestic boxes that had rechargeable batteries which you were responsible for replacing. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t be able to do it. To overcome that it looks like they just now do nothing to maintain an emergency connection. I don’t know what is happening to those phone connected devices like alarms, personal alarms etc. This is going on we think in a number of places, this one is  Llanarmon  vally.
I would suggest that a complete tale is passed on to the local BBC TV Regional programme - it's the sort of thing they love to get their teeth into!
If that's the case, John, complain. And (sadly) be willing to keep at it. They're vulnerable and they should/must have priority.
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