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To close off my whinge the power was off from 20:22 (typo in original post) on Friday 26th. November until 19:39 on Sunday 28th. November.  During that time people with wired handsets could maintain contact using their landline.  When the copper goes, it is difficult to see how contact can be maintained over a power outage of that length.

Even if we had mobile reception, we would have had problems.  The adjacent areas are served by two mobile towers which handle different networks (i.e. there is no overlap of coverage on the same network).  The outage went on for long enough to exhaust any power back-up system on the tower used by O2 as they were advising that they had lost service in our wider area earlier on today.
No is the simple answer to that. With the storm last night we have a elderly friend in the village we used to live in who has no mobile reception and the power was off from late evening until (the power  people said) nearly 4am this morning. Our old house in the village was in the same position, engineers from BT used to be despairing when running tests, (it took them years to fail to sort out the problem) sometimes if we/they went ½ down our garden (on a steep slope so not ideal in the dark or bad weather) you would get a reception. Go further and it would be lost, but likewise other times you would get nothing. The smart meter people would turn up to houses and go away again as at that stage they used mobile communion to provide the link. The whole village was like it as were others further into Wales which is a disaster for mobile reception (friend there thought it funny that a TV police  series had them using mobiles out in the country/hills, when he said the town the police station was in didn’t have reception in many parts of it let alone the country side around.   
Posting at 00:57.  Thanks to Storm Arwen our homebase in a mobile-free zone has been without power since 18:22 yesterday and no timescale for re-connection.  Not sure that OfCOM's policy of a one hour back-up actually meets the needs of a rural mobile-free community where many of the residents are in vulnerable categories when we go copper-free (which I suppose equally applies to our day-to-day access to law enforcement).
Gamers' News & Discussion / Re: Gaming names
« Last post by Simon on Nov 16, 2021, 21:21:31 »
We're creatures of habit here.   :laugh:
Gamers' News & Discussion / Re: Gaming names
« Last post by Myst on Nov 16, 2021, 20:54:58 »
I will do for now, RA, but obviously if there's no take up, we'll have to reconsider whether it merits being stickied long term.  :)

13 years later, it’s still stuck. 
And that fact that it seems to already be happening, with seemingly no general hysteria, is perhaps even more astonishing!
The astonishing thing about this roll-out is nobody seems to know about it. Outside of this forum I've still not found a single person who knows anything about it. The could be the UK's best kept secret!
The Mail on Sunday did its bit to help - and yes BT are now switching people over. I'm not sure how it will affect the folks who are living in the bargain basements such as John Lewis internet which is resold PlusNet which is BT ..... ???

I'm quite sure that iDnet will be less cavalier in their approach.
Thought people might like this. (It also suggests BT are swapping people over now?!?!) David Mitchell's column.
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