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Windows News & Discussion / Re: Graphics Card Shortage
« Last post by Simon on May 23, 2021, 21:42:33 »
Firstly, I'd never dream of paying £800 just for a graphics card - in fact, that's about what my complete new PC cost earlier this year!

There's been a couple of news stories recently about chip shortages:

Have you tried elsewhere?  I've no idea if it's what you're looking for, but CCL seem to have some in stock:
Windows News & Discussion / Graphics Card Shortage
« Last post by zappaDPJ on May 23, 2021, 19:33:10 »
My workhorse PC has taken to randomly shutting down output to all my displays and after a couple futile days messing around I feel it's time to consign it to history and build another one. I've always sourced parts that are not quite bleeding edge and that generally gets me around 10 years of high powered computing. In fact aside from the aforementioned problem my current PC is still way faster than the average computer.

Anyway when I started to put together a list components I was a bit taken aback to find a decent graphics card costs around £800. Not that it's a problem, I can't find one in stock anywhere. In fact I can't find a single graphs card of any description that I'd consider buying.

Overclockers is a prime example of how bad the shortage is. If it hasn't got a price it's out of stock:
2-Wire 2700 / Re: 2Wire BT firmware V6 VOIP Issue
« Last post by Simon on May 21, 2021, 09:46:12 »
Wow!  That's what I call a thread resurrection!   ;D
2-Wire 2700 / Re: 2Wire BT firmware V6 VOIP Issue
« Last post by cancunia on May 21, 2021, 09:11:40 »
Not sure if you're still around, but in any case a quick thanks to GNIX for the HURL13 hack. It works a treat on my Chrome based browser
My 'production' V5 2700HGV got hit by lightning a few days ago, fortunately I have a couple of spares so have now been testing V6.1.1.22 on a standby box. It did have the QWEST firmware but some devices would drop WiFi connections after a few days so decided to try out the BT V6.x firmware to see if the problem occurs again.
If anyone has copies of BT firmware for the 2700HGV other than, I'd be grateful for a link
IDNet Help / Re: speaker leads
« Last post by nowster on May 20, 2021, 20:07:34 »
You joke. But the funniest thing must be plugging in one speaker backwards... and everything being silent! (That's how noise cancelling works ;) )
I once had the manager of a radio station call me saying "We've got people phoning in to say that this prerecorded segment is very quiet/silent."

I knew one of the microphone cables that had been made for the reporters was incorrectly wired and the Hot and Cold wires from the XLR at the microphone end were wired to Left and Right on the 3.5mm microphone jack for the minidisc recorder. Unfortunately, I only found that out much later than when the recordings had been made.

The signals on the Hot and Cold wires are exact opposites, so the recording had a stereo signal that was exactly in antiphase. When listened to on a mono FM radio, the stereo signal cancelled itself out when mixed down to mono. I told him to move the stereo balance control to one side, so the signals no longer cancelled out.
IDNet Help / Re: speaker leads
« Last post by Technical Ben on May 17, 2021, 14:36:08 »
You joke. But the funniest thing must be plugging in one speaker backwards... and everything being silent! (That's how noise cancelling works ;) )
IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by Technical Ben on May 17, 2021, 14:31:54 »
Thanks Ben , found that out to my cost , thought I had blown it , but seems Ok
I only know it matters... cos it's a killer to family. Me, I change the volume. My family? "What it does not do it for itself and wash the dishes, and also read my mind, and I have to move a finger and do something that takes effort!?!?!?!?!" ;)  :eyebrow:
There is no problem having a DECT base station next to a modem provided it isn't faulty in some way.  After all many routers with VoIP come with built in DECT base stations so you just connect using a DECT handset. So you can't get a modem and DECT base station much closer than that :laugh:
You've never done tech support on DSL problems, then. Most modems aren't shielded for that sort of pulsed RF power close to. The ones with built-in DECT will have the sensitive circuitry "canned". Telling the customer to move the two units apart by at least 3 feet often cured problems.
Broadband, Internet & General Computer News & Discussion / Re: iDNet and VOIP
« Last post by L2020 on May 15, 2021, 08:56:54 »
I was really hoping to avoid having a separate ATA such as the Cisco 191/192.

You can of course avoid a separate box and do the all in one option, just my experience of VoIP in routers has been less than positive, usually finding the VoIP in the router has crashed after a few weeks with the result calls can no longer be made or received and it needs a reboot.  This unreliability has continue since trying VoIP on a router a decade ago or so on a Draytek 2800 with VoIP, SpeedTouch routers with VoIP, all the way up to my last attempts a couple of years ago on a ZyXel before I gave up and went with a standalone VoIP DECT phone, which has never crashed.

I would hope these added value functions are getting more reliable as people find they are switching away from PTSN, but as it isn't the primary function of the device, it's not going to have as much attention from the manufacturer.
Six months have elapsed since this topic was first posted along with a few other threads and the only thing that seems clear to me is nobody has a definitive idea of how this will pan out. We don't even know if phone numbers are to be consigned to history let alone the impact on current ISDN/PSTN technology.
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