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IDNet Help / Re: FTTC - line drops
« Last post by jrw on Yesterday at 18:02:37 »
My setup uses a Ubiquiti USG as the router to run the PPPoE session.  I see the ppp session dropping there (logged via syslog) and everytime this happens I also see the DSL model report a change in status from SHOWTIME to TRAINING and back (logged through a polling script). Yesterday it dropped all the way to READY.  The CRC counts go up, but not always when the line drops and vv.    DSL Stats looks to be just the job but sadly doesn't support Draytek - I've written something that does a similar job.  I have viewed the ethernet stats between modem and router and there are no - as in zero - errors at either end so fairly happy that this is ok

I've looked for mains devices that might be related but nothing obvious so far, everything pretty modern and tidy.  Tracing the cable is tricky but the house is only 12 yrs old so hidden in walls up to the master socket  - could be anything once it leaves the house but is all underground.  Master hasn't been changed & reluctant to fiddle with it - it's the type with an integrated filter.
The cab is around 500m away.  Since my post the line has dropped another 6 times in 48 hours.  Feels like a fault to me!

It sounds as though records, logs and evidence is the way to go!

As for the SoGEA move, I found that the line sync speed dropped by about 20% when then moved me. I complained to IDNET and again got nowhere (bit of a theme here :-( ).  After 10 days it has gradually reverted to the orginal performance.  You'd think that an ISP would advise to wait it out a bit - but that does seem to be what's needed.

IDNet Help / Re: FTTC - line drops
« Last post by robinc on Yesterday at 05:38:46 »
I'm puzzled how that could happen. Surely in case of a conversion all they're doing is disconnecting the voice line?

Sounds like a plan to force everyone to FTTP - maybe I should get ahead of the curve!
IDNet Help / Re: FTTC - line drops
« Last post by Tech Dude on Apr 09, 2021, 16:48:06 »
Apologies but a little off topic .. related to SOGEA through

I migrated to SOGEA this week after years on FTTC, many drops after the migration, sync rate has dropped, down / upload speed has reduced and IDNET appear unable to do anything  - they fear the hefty Openreach charge for a service which appears to be running within the parameters of 'specification' ?  :o

I wonder whether Openreach has drafted the SOGEA 'specification' in such as way that us poor muggles, at the end of the wire, have to be satisfied with what we get !

Maybe SOGEA not ready for 'prime time' ?

 :rant2: :rant2: :rant2:
IDNet Help / Re: FTTC - line drops
« Last post by robinc on Apr 09, 2021, 05:56:18 »
This kind of problem is so frustrating to deal with. Sadly having removed the phone line you've lost the one tool I have always found handy and that is being able to hear noise on the voice line.

Noise can of course be on the line or in your mains supply. Running on an extension lead off a spur with an old freezer on the same circuit.... you get the drift.

Trouble is we don't know if it is your modem dropping or the line dropping. You don't say what router you are using inboard of the modem.

Quick and easy changes - you say you've done the cabling bit, so mains supply is worth looking at as well as proximity to cabling in the wall, other electrical activity in the house and so on.

I use DSL Stats to monitor and log line activity if things go wrong. It helps when looking for patterns and clues.

Next, phone socket - has it been replaced recently? Remove the faceplate and direct off the socket.

How does the line come in to the building? Cable trapped, kinked, under water? Mine is connected via a box on the electricity pole in our garden - it's a 50 year old supply! Gets wet, corroded and generally nasty.

I had loads of issues and it took a number of engineer visits all of whom found various connection boxes under the roads/pavements that were full of water.

How far are you from the cab? Any recent building work, new houses or other disturbance.

Yes I did get the 'No fault' £150 threat, but armed with logs, list of things I had done to try to fix and the right approach to the engineer we got there.

The final item was one from a couple of years back when a house was having a new line and the crossed it over with mine in the cab. Didn't re-seat my connection properly and so it kept dropping.....
IDNet Help / Re: FTTC - line drops
« Last post by Simon on Apr 08, 2021, 18:19:11 »
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I'm not one to be able to help with this but hopefully somebody more technical will be along soon.
IDNet Help / FTTC - line drops
« Last post by jrw on Apr 08, 2021, 16:30:32 »
I have being going round in circles with this one.  I have suffered several times every day for months. 56 drops in the past month.   After much investigation this is very much a DSL link problem.  IDNET seem exceptionally reluctant to treat this as a valid fault with threats that Openreach will not find a fault and charge stupid money.  I recently moved to SoGEA so there is no phone equipment on the line and the issues remain - so that's not it. 

Stats from the DSL modem (a Vigor 130) show some CRC errors but generally only low counts even when the line drops, but the line State does drop from SHOWTIME.
I have recabled, watched interface counters and all sorts and found no issues.  The trite 'use the master socket' and 'try another router' are plain unhelpful!

With more online and steaming activity these days, these drops are most troublesome. Anyone had any success diagnosing and resolving faults like this?

IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by talos on Apr 08, 2021, 05:26:05 »
I agree its not a well known brand, and probably a bit basic, but all I need it for is to improve the sound coming through my TV using my existing speakers. My present amp is good (or was) but its getting a bit long in the tooth and this one seems a cheap and cheerful solution.  I have tried various "sound bars" but not found one in my price range that I could live with,
  Thanks Simon I will do as you say and research this a little more before jumping.

IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by Simon on Apr 07, 2021, 17:40:08 »

Sounds just the job , thanks Simon
                                                          If you have time take, a look at my proposed choice, I would value your opinion

It's not a brand I've heard of, Bob, so can't really offer an opinion.  On the surface it seems good value for a stereo (not surround sound) amp, and seems to have mostly good customer reviews, but I would perhaps also suggest paying attention to some of the critical reviews before making your decision.
IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by talos on Apr 07, 2021, 15:18:21 »

Don't be hoodwinked into buying hyper-expensive cables for this. Gold plating does absolutely nothing for optical except add a little bling to the outside of the connector. For short distances (shorter than about 10 ft or so) the cheap cables will work identically to more expensive ones.

            Been caught on that before when buying scart leads from Curries  >:( Thanks
IDNet Help / Re: optical
« Last post by nowster on Apr 07, 2021, 15:14:07 »

Don't be hoodwinked into buying hyper-expensive cables for this. Gold plating does absolutely nothing for optical except add a little bling to the outside of the connector. For short distances (shorter than about 10 ft or so) the cheap cables will work identically to more expensive ones.
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