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Started by camdave, Oct 11, 2023, 18:06:04

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Hi to any Mac users

Microsoft, in its wisdom, has updated Outlook for Mac with lots of exciting new 'things to do'. All I want to do during the typical day is to send and received emails on multiple accounts.

All my email accounts load correctly except for my main Idnet account which merely loads a bunch of old, deleted emails and no sent emails. I have another Idnet account which loads correctly. I have checked the settings and these are all OK.

At present I can revert to the legacy version but for how long? Has anyone else had this, or similar issues with the new version?



That's an odd one... I can't help as I use the built-in MacOs email client, not Outlook. (My LAN is a Microsoft-free zone :P )

If you're worried about anything you may have missed, could you use that for the main IDNet account until the issue gets fixed?
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Well, after much time wasted 'googling' the problem to no avail I then spent a while deleting, re-installing and trying different settings for the offending account. Eventually my efforts were rewarded! I have sent numerous emails to and from the account and all now seems in order.

All very odd; I am pleased I have moved to a Mac from Windows, at least I don't get many issues now.

Thanks for your suggestion Bill.