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Bill, i really appreciate you replying.

I can indeed confirm that the sync light on the modem stays ON during the drop of PPPoE on both modems.

As for power supplies, i had a spare psu from another netgear router which was the exact same rating for voltage and amp and yes had tried that also.

No further replies from IDNET since friday @ 11:05am sadly, so i've at this point no idea if they either have any further help for me, or will attempt to progress my support call further.. i'm rather left feeling like i'm holding the baby with no way to stop it crying.

Yesterday had some periods of an hour or two where the PPPoE stayed up without disconnecting and then it went back to regular cycles of disconnections of every 20 mins to half an hour.

I also tried to lower the MTU on the router at one point to see if that would help, alas it did not.

So with all cables replaced, all hardware replaced, and all disconnections persisting both on the master socket and the test socket, the only thing left as far as i can perceive is what lies beyond the test socket in BT territory, and when you know that the openreach box by the road regularly has engineers there, either doing new connections etc, you start to be fearful that they've knocked your connection or worse moved your connection somehow. (yes it seems crazy, but when you've had the internet as bad as this for 3 days with no sign of improvement you suspect in the end.. the extremes)
IDNet Help / BBC News streaming intermittent breaks
« Last post by Terryphi on Sep 24, 2017, 10:42:25 »
There was a problem earlier this morning viewing BBC News channel on the link from main BBC News page. Checking my broadband connection found no problem. Streaming broke intermittently with error message:

Sorry, you don't have enough bandwidth to play right now.

However, the channel played as expected on the BBC IPlayer. It looks like a (hopefully temporary) problem at the BBC site.
Later: problem is back and affects BBC News Channel on IPlayer too.
You're very specific that you're losing PPPoE, I assume you've confirmed that you're not losing sync? I'll admit it doesn't sound like it, I'd expect DLM to kick in if it were.

One thought- when you changed the router and modem (or used your router on your neighbours line), did you also use "new" power supplies? Those little wallplug units can cause problems.

If you did (or the fault persists when you do) then I'm inclined to agree that it sounds like an external fault. Possibly a line card in the DSLAM but whatever, that's BT/Openreach territory and IDNet need to kick them to check it out.
Well i thought i had a really solid Fibre Connection (80/20) until some days ago , when all of a sudden my PPPoE keeps dropping and then reconnecting some 4-5 minutes later.

I contacted IDNET support, and i've followed every step they've asked me to do ..

Replaced the router (Netgear Nighthawk R7000 swapped out for Netgear WNR1000)
connected all kit to test socket behind the NTE5 socket
Changed ALL the local cabling for brand new cables (RJ11>RJ11 and the RJ45>RJ45 cables)
Bought a netgear DM100 modem and swapped it in place of the BT Openreach modem that was supplied when i got this connection installed.
Tested my Nighthawk router on my next door neighbours internet connection and it was stable ALL evening on his. with NO issues.  So my nighthawk router is faultless.. and now that i've tried a new modem AND fresh cabling.. my suspicion is that something is not right either AT the box at the side of the road.. or at the exchange.. but its NOT in my house.. least it does not look that way!

and more!

Yet still i'm getting PPPoE drops at intervals so frequent i daren't even attempt a game of!

Has anyone got any suggestions at all before i go to the extreme measure of finding a service provider that can give me a solid stable connection again as i'm finding that as far as support goes, i'm being steered away from this going to BT Openreach to get things checked.. and i really feel i've done everything i can so far my side to ensure i've checked my kit.
IDNet Help / Re: SonicWall TZ105
« Last post by Clive on Sep 21, 2017, 19:35:12 »
Hi pquinn, welcome to IDNetters.  Someone will be along very soon to help you with your query. 
IDNet Help / SonicWall TZ105
« Last post by pquinn1212 on Sep 21, 2017, 19:18:50 »
Hi I have recently signed up to idnet and am trying to set up ipv6 on my SonicWALL and was wondering if anyone could help ?

Do I set up as Auto, Static or DHCPv6?

I have tried all three and none seem to connect

Other manufacturers / SonicWall TZ105
« Last post by pquinn1212 on Sep 21, 2017, 19:08:53 »
Hi I have recently signed up to idnet and am trying to set up ipv6 on my SonicWALL and was wondering if anyone could help ?

Do I set up as Auto, Static or DHCPv6?

I have tried all three and none seem to connect


IDNet Help / Re: Ongoing network problems?
« Last post by Adrian on Sep 15, 2017, 11:54:19 »
When IDNet fixed the issue for me the only downside was a doubling of latency to 20ms, but this isn't really a problem as I'm not a gamer. I was happy to have the single thread speed problem solved.

I have no idea which backhaul I was on, or what I am on now.
IDNet Help / Re: Ongoing network problems?
« Last post by Glenn on Sep 14, 2017, 22:16:05 »
I wonder if it is due to the 'deal' offered by Big Deal with Zen, the deal was offered about 6 to 8 weeks ago.
IDNet Help / Re: Ongoing network problems?
« Last post by andrue on Sep 14, 2017, 21:31:43 »
Backhaul change is still in progress. Will probably be late next week. I don't know which backhaul I was on but I agree that it's interesting to see the complaints in the TBB Zen forum. They started about the same time as my problems did.

It'll also be interesting to see if it increases my maximum speed. It shouldn't since that should be down to the sync speed and my connection must still be to the same DSLAM port but equally there seems little reason why moving from PN to IDNet caused my maximum speed to drop from 65 to 58 Mb/s. In fact it should have risen when freed from the PN profiling system. I don't need that speed so I haven't chased it with IDNet but if it goes back to where it was with PN that will also be suggestive.
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