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Broadband, Internet & General Computer News & Discussion / Well done IDNet
« Last post by colirv on Yesterday at 10:34:48 »
An excellent result in the latest post from ISP Review.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Problem with Edge
« Last post by Den on Jun 25, 2017, 10:07:49 »
I have fitted a new SSD Drive and reinstalled Windows 10   I now have a very fast PC and having fun reinstalling programs. The only problem I seem to be having is with my music library (my old HD is now running as a backup drive with my settings still on there) iTunes and Musicbee have picked up my list of songs but can't find the songs themselves. 

Any thoughts would be good.
IDNet Help / Re: Packet Loss and Single Thread Download Speeds
« Last post by karvala on Jun 23, 2017, 16:23:37 »
Just to finally update this: IDNet's provider (it's not been specified who that is) said there was no contention, i.e. no problem as far as they were concerned.  That was exactly as I predicted earlier in the thread.  I absolutely refused to accept that based on the pattern of results that I was seeing (extremely poor performance during the day and the evening, absolutely fine overnight, at weekends and on bank holidays; there was even typically a slight dip between 5pm and 7pm as people came home from work).  Brian asked for some speed test results, so I tested it for a couple of weeks and submitted the results (which amongst other things showed consistently poor single-thread performance, never more than about a quarter of the multi-thread speed, which itself was never more than half what the line is capable of and used to achieve in practice).  He passed those on to their provider, and after a few days deliberation they moved the circuit on the back haul.  That has improved things dramatically; yesterday was a good day by my recent standards but it's still easy to see the difference in the following graph.

From my perspective, and this is the point I have made every time in the past 15 years that BB speeds have slowed down: nothing has changed at my end, so it is highly unlikely that the problem is suddenly at my end.  Add to this the fact the problem does not occur at weekends, on bank holidays or between the hours of midnight and 8am, and we have what?  Firmware that only works outside of business hours?!  And just for the record, every time I have been right: it has turned out that there has been a problem, not on my equipment or home network, but usually in the exchange, and once in the cabinet.  Every single time this was initially denied, every time I knew they were wrong/lying, and every time I was eventually proved right.  I expect this will turn out to be the same.

And indeed it did.  I'm not thrilled about the usual "we've run a test and it's all fine; it must be your equipment" response, and I do wish ISPs would stop this initial denial routine, but credit to Brian for at least being willing to carry on, pass over the speed test results and get it sorted in the end.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Problem with Edge
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Jun 22, 2017, 21:17:35 »
Is it not a longstanding MS bug-

It is but it seems to have multiple causes. I've had it myself and fixed it twice using two different methods. The problem is my fixes get removed by the next patch ::)
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Problem with Edge
« Last post by Simon on Jun 22, 2017, 17:46:10 »
It's probably all the spyware Microsoft installed, when you had them poking around in your machine, Den.   :evil: ;)
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Problem with Edge
« Last post by Steve on Jun 22, 2017, 16:53:57 »
Is it not a longstanding MS bug- use another browser until they solve it. Edge as far as I can see has absolutely no advantages over Chrome except on a Laptop where it might give better battery life.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Problem with Edge
« Last post by zappaDPJ on Jun 22, 2017, 16:34:53 »
Disable your antivirus/firewall and try using Google DNS settings.
Windows News & Discussion / Re: Problem with Edge
« Last post by Glenn on Jun 22, 2017, 16:28:43 »
Run CCleaner to clear out the cookies etc?
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